Birth order and dating

Oldest children do have a reputation for being controlling, and so the girl who is the oldest sibling is probably going to be on the more type A end of the spectrum. Will there be arguments because the laundry wasn’t put away correctly? But the benefit to being an oldest child is she’s learned how to negotiate.So arguments very quickly become “dialogues” or “discussions” and rarely spin out of control and become an actual fight.“There is an interesting phenomenon that happens with the baby of the family.

However, in the spirit of Friday Fun, here are some suggestive findings on this topic (and my perhaps overzealous interpretations of them) to help you figure out whether you and your partner are a match made in birth-order heaven: Think about the romantic relationships in your life - and your friends' lives - that worked (at least temporarily) and the ones that quickly fizzled. If you're a younger or middle child, is the opposite true?

Girls who are the oldest in their family are the girlfriends who just want to take care of you.

Their maternal instinct can never be tamed so they always want to make sure you’re in a good spot, have enough to eat, don’t need help with anything…pretty much anything that could fall under the caretaker role. ” girlfriend — the one is who always going to put you ahead of herself.

Youngest children have grown accustomed to a certain level of cushiness to their lifestyle and it’s not one that they’ll very easily give up.

They’re the girlfriends who will ask you take out the trash because their nails are wet, or change the channel because they don’t want to get up.

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