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For the REPAYE plan, family size includes your spouse unless your spouse's income is excluded from the calculation of your payment amount.

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If you have already been repaying your federal student loan(s) and are exploring the REPAYE, PAYE, IBR, or ICR repayment plan, the Repayment Estimator will still help you estimate your monthly payments, but the Total Interest Paid and Total Amount Paid will be less accurate.If you don't actively choose a different repayment plan, your loan servicer will place you on the Standard repayment plan.If you have already been repaying your federal student loan(s) and want to explore the Standard, Graduated, or Extended repayment plans, we recommend contacting your loan servicer to explore the best repayment option for you.If you select 'Married Filing Jointly' from the drop down menu, you will be presented with the option to add your spouse's loans manually.Close Your spouse's eligible federal student loans (if any) or income may be taken into account when determining your eligibility for income-driven repayment plans and your payment amount under the income-driven repayment plans if: If any of these apply, add your spouse's loan(s) (if any) and interest rate(s) here and enter your combined adjusted gross income (AGI) for Your Income.

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