Dating owens illinois glass

The symbol, seen in the pictures below labeled Exhibit B and Exhibit C, contains an I inside an oval with an elongated diamond superimposed over it.

(Sorry I don't have better pictures, the glass is quite old and had been in the water for quite some time.

By the time 1940 came along, the company realized year codes were beginning to repeat, so in the 40's they implemented adding a period after the date code to indicate years 1940 -1949.

By the mid-40's most plants switched to using a two number date code (such as 46 for a production year of 1946).

However, the A to the right of the 7 tells me that this piece of glass has a high probability of either once being a Coca-Cola bottle or a Pepsi-Cola bottle.

If that is the case, this piece of glass may be our exception to the rule and the 7 to the right of the symbol may not be a year code at all.

However, without having more of the glass, I am unable to narrow that down to a specific year.

The automatic bottle-making machine revolutionized the industry, and became the foundation of today’s glassmaking industry. forming the company it is now (with a few changes along the way).

If you are an avid beach glass collector, or a collector of glass bottles, jars, cups, etc, you may have noticed an odd symbol and/or numbers on your find and didn't know what they meant. Usually, the symbols are a logo for a company, and the numbers a code for where and when the particular glass item was produced.

Each glass making company has their own method of labeling their products.

They started the switch to plastic in the 60's and 70's.

That narrows down the date from 1957 to 1977 if the 7 is indeed a year code.

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