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If the constitutional conception of ‘equal protection of the laws’ means anything, it must at the very least mean that a bare…desire to harm a politically unpopular group cannot constitute a legitimate governmental interest…].Twenty years later, the public sentiment has done an about face and it seems no deprivation of human rights are wrong when applied to registered citizens.This particular article covers instances of sex offenders degraded by laws and some of the rationale behind this alarming trend.In the 2006 book “Failure to Protect,” author Eric S.For example, the public estimated the chances of a “child molester” re-offending at 76%, the offender group estimated 27%, and the Hanson and Harris 15-year recidivism study quoted 13%.“Overall, the results of this study supported the hypotheses and highlighted that the public subscribes to popular myths about sex offenders.In a survey of both registered citizens and the general public, both groups greatly overestimated stranger danger, risk of recidivism, and ineffectiveness of treatment.However, the offender sample estimated far closer to the reality than the general public sample.

What an incredibly beautiful body being tortured/edged.

The fact is child molesters can look like anyone else and even be someone we know and like.

In my opinion, however, the growing preference today to refer to sex offenders against children as predators has mitigated this recognition and progress The impact of dehumanization of sex offenders is prevalent in our society.

During this time the FBI distributed a poster epitomizing this attitude.

It showed a man, with his hat pulled down, lurking behind a tree with a bag of candy in his hands.

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