Ipod shuffle play count not updating

For me, I do have some of the typical smart playlists, tracking music by the year they were created (i.e.1980s, 1990-95, 1996-2000), but I’ve also tried to make sure I don’t forget about some great music.While the “Party Shuffle” function may randomly catch a track I hadn’t given recent attention to, I can force the issue with a smart playlist I call “The Neglected”.In “The Neglected”, I feature songs where “Last played is not in the last 6 months”, with Live updating checked.First of all, I need to take a dump of the play count info before the Shuffle goes anywhere near the Mac...property Shuffle Trax : "i Pod Shuffle" tell application "i Tunes" set my Playlist to playlist Shuffle Trax set the File to open for access file "Shuffle Playlist" with write permission set eof the File to 0 repeat with a Track in (get every track of my Playlist) set db ID to database ID of a Track set pc to get played count of a Track set nm to get name of a Track as string write to the File as list end repeat close access the File end tell..I connect my Shuffle, let it do its sync stuff, and then run the following S---L---O---W script.I am happy to stamp the songs played on the Shuffle with the time of sync, so I have had a go at some Applescript to do just this.

Should your i Tunes library contain more than one embarrassing song that requires a Play Count reset, press the Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) key as you click on additional songs. To select all the songs in your i Tunes library, choose Select All from the Edit menu.Taking things a step further, I also have two i Tunes Store-related playlists, one called “Just Off the Rack”, where “Date Added is in the last 30 days” with live updating and another called “Bad ROI”, where “Play Count is less than 5”.It turns out I’m a big music hog, because right now, my “Bad ROI” playlist has 3.2 days worth of music.I get the feeling that no matter how much I listen to i Tunes, that this playlist will always have plenty of music. Do you use them to track artists or genres or the year songs were created?Do you, as I do, use them to help manage your i Tunes Library and listening habits?

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