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' But at that time, I just remember thinking, ' What a cool song. We can be friends and lovers.'""No Air," Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown"That's a great song. My husband and I danced to Brown's song, ' With You,' at our wedding.""Don't Know Much," Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville"Like the others, it's a song about love and relationships, but this one is more on the positive side. The melody of that song is just so cool, and the way they sing it together…

The then-27-year-old performed the Hank Williams classic "Your Cheatin' Heart" for her first performance on the historic stage.

Looking for a male singer who could wring the emotion out of the album's sweeping, swooning power ballad, "Can't Stop Loving You," she turned to Isaac Slade, lead singer and pianist for the Fray.

' Can't Stop Loving You' was pitched to me as a duet, so I started racking my brain, thinking of people who could sing it with me.

Isaac was first on the list."Unlike Evans' duet with the Doobie Brothers on the upcoming tribute album "I had already recorded the verses," she explains, "but we sang the choruses together once he came in.

(Hear the song in the video player below.)20 Best Dramatic Duets of All Time"I've been a huge fan of Isaac ever since I heard ' How to Save a Life' on .

"I love bands like the Fray, where the singers have cool voices that aren't necessarily perfect, but are raw and gritty and full of emotion.

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