Seaman online dating

If you always fancied dating someone in a sailor uniform, then it is time to start dating a marine - there are plenty of marine singles available, so why not go for it?

Sailors have long held a romantic allure, though back in the day you probably wouldn’t have wanted to date a sailor in the navy who lived on filthy ships and suffered malnutrition.

(or like me), the idea of dating a sailor, his hair wind-whipped gold and skin bronzed by the sun, might make you want to throw away your landlocked life for one of adventure and romance on the high seas. They’re all at your fingertips with a sailor at your side.

I mean, there’s nothing more romantic than sitting perched on a deck box, shoulder to shoulder, watching a sailor’s skillful hands shape those endless bowlines and stoppers as he explains his methods. But a second later, the wind will change and he’ll be rushing off to lower the mizzen, and you’ll be left sitting there holding a dangling rope, wondering if it was something you said. Of course, like the rest of us, you live in the real world, so one day, he’ll be watching the sunset over the yardarm in Bali, while you’re sitting at home consoling yourself with a weak Mai Tai and trying to keep tabs on him by watching a moving dot on Marine

Sailors’ wages are always crap, and whatever money they do make goes on beer.

Even if they do manage to save up enough money to buy their own boat (as all sailors are trying to do) chances are it will be a rotting hunk of junk, because boats are expensive to maintain.

When away from each other you are forced to talk, as it’s all you can do. Dating a marine can be trying for those who don’t understand the demands of the work.

They will talk it with their colleagues endlessly while you’re in earshot, and forget to fill you in.Turns out there are more girls than you might think willing to spend their evenings huddled in front of…Speaking of that “girl in every port” thing, how is it cheating when you know you’ll never see the person again, and when his girlfriend could never possibly find out?Yes, a “girl in every port” is a saying for a reason, but it’s not that simple.If there’s anything a sailor likes more than having a girl in every port, it’s having a girl he’s known since high school to joyfully meet him when he gets home.

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