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You can click on each segmented-grid section's header to expand and collapse it; if they're all collapsed you can watch their photo counts, shown at the right side of each segmented-grid header, update in real time.

First Things First: Knowing Your Current Vantage Point Before creating a Publish Service to reflect an ongoing relationship we'd like to have between this Lightroom catalog and Smug Mug, it's probably a good idea to make sure that any information about photos at Smug Mug already in the catalog is correct, and that it has all the information about all the photos at Smug Mug that it should.

The length of this document, which covers only Publish and assumes you're already familiar with normal export, attests to the extra complexity.

But once the initial up-front fee has been paid with your time and attention, you'll reap the benefits from then on. Lightroom comes with a few publish service providers: the built-in “Hard Drive” provider, a bare-bones Flickr plugin and a Behance plugin.

If you work with multiple Smug Mug accounts in Lightroom (or have not worked with any yet), you'll want to first visit the normal Export Dialog or a Publish Service's Edit Settings dialog to make sure you're authenticated to the Smug Mug account you want to work with here.

This configuration, which you generally do only once, creates a in your Lightroom catalog.

You can have multiple Smug Mug publish services (all provided by the one plugin), but it makes sense for most people to have only one.

The Publish button appears in the lower left of Lightroom, in place of the “Export” button, when viewing a publish collection, as in the screenshot at right.

There's also a “Publish” button in the upper right of the segmented grid.

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