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Putting his blogging days behind him, Penn Badgley earned favorable reviews for his performance in where he played the late singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley. Recently, however, he was cast in , a thriller about a group of sons and daughters of international billionaires who are taken to a remote island in order to learn basic survival skills and subsequently kidnapped.

Dating History: Natt Weller Upcoming Projects: N/A Taylor Momsen quit in the middle of the series to pursue her music career, which turned out to be the right call to everyone’s surprise.

The Pretty Reckless singer and Natt Weller - who first met in October - were spotted backstage at the Wireless Festival in London's Hyde Park together on Sunday following her band's performance.

A source said: "They're well-matched given their joint love of black eyeliner." Natt - whose mother is Paul's ex-wife Dee C.

(sic)" Revealing he had been dining with Kelly Osborne and Sadie Frost, he later added: "At dinner w @Miss Kelly O @Sadieliza so fun !

X "And @taylormomsen the pretty reckless killed it at wireless today!

In real life, he divorced his wife Naama Nativ in 2011.

According to his Twitter feed, he’s still close friends with Rutherford.

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I can walk a little taller feeling that I don’t have to be constantly apologizing for the work that I’ve done in the past.” Yipes.Her appearance as `Jenny Humphrey’ in the popular ‘Gossip Girl’ series made her a household name and the hit debut album of her group—‘Light Me Up’—gained her fame in the music world.Even though she is a multi-faceted personality, she claims that her true love is music and has now stopped taking up acting assignments to focus on her musical career.Last we heard, her two young children were still living with her ex-husband Daniel Giersch in Monaco.This past year, she’s made TV guest appearances on FOX’s , after getting a divorce from Lily (Kelly Rutherford).

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