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2007 "Psychological factors associated with reports of physical dating violence among U. Since "males and females were victimized at approximately the same rate," this also leads to trouble in defining pure patterns within the teen population that would help strengthen such initiatives (Holt & Espelage 202).Therefore, research has shown that the wide population of both male and female teens being subjected to abuse through teen dating violence will be a hard demographic to tackle.Sabina and Cuevas, along with researcher Kristin A. Only about 15 percent of teen victims looked for help from school personnel, social services, police, the legal system, or a health care professional. “A Review of Teen Dating Violence Prevention Research: What About Hispanic Youth? About 60 percent of teens mentioned the dating violence they experienced to a friend, parent, sibling, relative or neighbor—the vast majority of those mentions (42 percent of all respondents) were to friends. Economic exploitation also includes the "threatening to take money, forcing a date to pay solely for items that are to be shared, or stealing money or property," (Jackson & Oates 19).These forms of abuse are much harder to identify and combat, and in many cases go unnoticed within large bodies of previous research.

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She is now an assistant professor with the University of San Francisco. To speak with study author Lisa De La Rue, please contact Tony Pals at [email protected] Victoria Oms at [email protected]

However, numbers of male and female abuse victims in terms of both physical and emotional abuse are relatively close.

Some studies have even found that within the context of teen relationships, females tend more to be the perpetrator of the violence than the male within the relationship (James et al. More recent research specifically conducted on teen populations involved with abuse has shown relatively similar numbers of female to male victims.

Therefore, many assume that this is the same within the context of teen dating violence.

So, many programs and prevention initiatives have focused on helping the female victim of abuse, while largely under-estimating the need to combat abuses suffered by male teens within the context of their relationships.

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