Updating and reverification of i9

Some documents will not need re-verification upon expiration. driver’s license) Note that you are not required to update Form I-9 when an employee changes his or her name (e.g.when getting married or divorced) and Form I-9 regulations do not require that an employee present you with documentation to show that the employee has changed his or her name.For those issued temporary I-551’s these docu There are alot of situations that require you as an employer to pay attention to depending on the status of the individual you are attempting to hire.For a complete explanation of what is needed I suggest you download the Handbook for Employers provided by the Department of Homeland Security.Nonetheless, USCIS recommends that you maintain correct information on Form I-9 and note any name changes in Section 3.Additionally, it is a best practice to require the employee to show documentation that they have legally changed their name and made the change with the Social Security Administration prior to making any name changes in your HR or Payroll systems.We have found them to be attentive to details, responsive to all requests and extremely pleasant to deal with.Our company has utilized PFCU Payroll Service since 2010 and have been extremely happy since Day One.

Specifically, employees with temporary work authorizations will need to have their eligibility to work in the United States re-verified.

If this process is not completed by the expiration date, the employee must not continue to work and should be put on leave of absence or terminated, in accordance with company policy.

We recommend letting employees know at least 90 days ahead of time that they will need to provide documentation for re-verification. citizens * Lawful permanent residents (LPRs) who presented a Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551) for Section 2 * List B documents (e.g.

If you use a new Form I-9, write the employee’s name in Section 1, complete Section 3, and retain the new Form I-9 with the original.

The employee must present a document that shows current employment authorization, e.g., any document from List A or List C, including an unrestricted Social Security card.

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