Updating block in autocad

But one of the more tangible aspects of user experience is undoubtedly performance, and particularly on shared session systems such as Citrix’s Xen App or Xen Desktop platforms, it becomes absolutely critical.At the Citrix User Group in Newcastle recently one of the presenters was Thomas Poppelgaard, a member of the CTP program and an affable guy who I had a few beers with on the first night of Bri Forum.I also tested this against a Windows 7 machine to see if it was nice and portable.I (surprisingly) used App Sense Desktop Now to deploy the required settings, but I’ve also demonstrated how they can be done through standard tools like Group Policy.One of the very interesting takeaways from his session was the fact that he reported most GPU usage was down to browsers, rather than the usual suspects such as Auto CAD and other graphics-intensive applications.His summing up of this issue was quite simply “deploy an ad blocker to see improved performance”, so I took his advice on board and decided to see how difficult it was to deploy an ad-blocking piece of software to the machines in my lab.

The website I chose to test on was my old faithful I. newsstand The Register, which I have noticed puts out a lot of banner ads, often involving animation. My first thought was the old trusty ad-blocking plugin Ad Block Plus, as I have used this in Firefox for many years with great success.

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